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Greetings from the New Curator of the Prange Collection!

BLOG_Tatsumi photoMy name is Yukako Tatsumi, and I am the new Prange Collection Curator.  I came into this position with doctoral research expertise and professional librarianship experience.  My dissertation research investigated the life and work of two Japanese women, who became women’s higher education reformers in early 20th century Japan.  I explored an array of archival materials and discovered the joys and the excitement of working with them.  I was fascinated by the power of primary source materials to contextualize these women’s lives and shape the contours of the time and space in which they lived.  I was also thrilled to weave these documentary contents into previously unknown features of the Japanese prewar educational landscape.  This research experience fostered my aspirations to become a memory institution professional and channeled me into an academic librarianship career at the George Washington University.  I supported GWU’s strong commitment to advancing historical scholarship on Japanese colonialism and gained insights into documents on the Second World War in East Asia, specifically through its research program, “Memory and Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific.”  I hope to apply my academic specialties and resource knowledge to analysis on the Prange materials and highlight their potential to illuminate the intersection of historical transformation and continuity in Occupied Japan.  I look forward to enhancing research support services and welcoming many scholars from around the world to the Prange Collection, which is a special source of pride for my alma mater, the University of Maryland, College Park.


One comment on “Greetings from the New Curator of the Prange Collection!

  1. […] event was used as an opportunity to officially welcome the new Curator of the Prange Collection, Dr. Yukako Tatsumi, to the UMD Libraries and to the broader campus community.  In addition, original materials from […]

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