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Exhibits in Nagasaki

The Nagasaki Library of Nagasaki Prefecture is currently holding two exhibits about atomic bomb-related literature.

One exhibit, “Ishida Hisashi to Nagasaki” portrays the life of Hisashi Ishida (石田壽) whose daughter, Masako Ishida (石田雅子), is well-known as the author of Masako Taorezu (雅子斃れず), a memoir of her atomic bomb experience.

The Prange Collection has the galley, the printing proof, the book by two different publishers, as well as various CCD documents for Masako Taorezu.  Photocopies of some of these materials are showcased in the exhibit.

The other exhibit, “Nagasaki Bungakuten,” is a display of literature related to the atomic bomb, including materials related to Masako Taorezu.

Dr. Kazuhiko Yokote, a Professor at the Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science, will hold a public lecture on July 26 in conjunction with these exhibits.  Dr. Yokote has conducted research on Masako Taorezu for many years, which led to the publication of his book entitled, Nagasaki, sono toki no hibaku shōjo : rokujūgo nenme no “Masako taorezu (2010, Tōkyō: Jiji Tsūshin Shuppankyoku.).  According to the lecture flyer, Dr. Yokote will share some newly discovered materials on Masako Taorezu.


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