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Korean-language Education Books

[A guest post written by Mika Adamson, former Student Assistant in the Prange Collection.]

There are 38 books written in Korean in the Prange Education Book Collection, most of which deal with elementary school education.  Subjects include the Korean language, arithmetic, science, music, calligraphy, Korean history, and even swimming.  Presumably, the books were used in Korean ethnic schools and were published by associations of Korean residents in Japan.  Some examples include:

  • Chosonsa immun (朝鮮史人門) [Prange Call Number: 301-0041]
  • Orini kwahak yegi (어린이과학얘기) [Prange Call Number: 301-0042]
  • Chodung umak (초등음악 ) [Prange Call Number: 301-0044]
  • Chodung sansu (初等算数) [Prange Call Number: 301-0058v_2]
  • Heom: suyong (헤엄: 水泳) [Prange Call Number: 301-0053]

Readers for elementary students are compilations of tunes and literature, respectively, on both mundane topics and uniquely Korean issues.

The Prange Collection’s Korean-language education books have been uploaded to the National Diet Library’s (NDL) Digital Collections. The full text is only available on-site at NDL.  The bibliographic data can be accessed through NDL’s Prange Collection page, by selecting “Available only at the NDL” and searching with the Prange call numbers. A limited number of the books are also searchable in the UMD Libraries’ online catalog.  Full text of the digitized books can also be accessed in the Prange Collection.

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