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Braille Books & Magazines

Among the most unique materials in the Prange Collection are the 185 Braille book and magazine titles. They include English textbooks, religious pamphlets, Western literature in translation and medical books.  They were submitted to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD), and some were censored.  Below are examples of our holdings (click to enlarge):

  • Eigo kaiwa vol. 1(英語会話 vol. 1) [Prange Call Number: LB-12_v.1]
  • Kokugo 4 (こくご4) [Prange Call Number: LB-01_v.4]
  • Tenji tenrikyo no shinko (点字 天理教の信仰) [Prange Call Number:: BL-01]
  • Robinson hyoryuki (ロビンソン漂流記) [Prange Call Number: PR-02]
  • Hiroshima (ヒロシマ) [Prange Call Number: DS-01/02]
  • Byorigaku kyokasho (病理学教科書) [Prange Call Number: LB-26]

Below are examples of Braille magazines in the Prange Collection, Tenji no tomo (点字の友) and Tenji mainichi (点字毎日), and hand-written manuscripts for these magazines.  Tenji no tomo, v.8 no.1 [Prange Call Numbera: ZT-03] was censored.

Due to their fragility, the Braille books and magazines have been rehoused in custom-made boxes and sleeves.  Access to the originals is limited.  An inventory with photocopies of the covers is available onsite in the Prange Collection.  For more information, contact prangebunko[at]umd.edu.


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