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Ready for the Olympics?

The Prange Collection holdings are comprehensive, with magazines, newspapers, and books covering virtually all subjects.  One of the strengths of the collection, however, is popular, non-academic publications addressing home life, recreation, the arts, and sports.  With 138 magazine titles and approximately 210 books in the collection related to sports, the world of athletics during the Occupation is well documented. (See this post for the important role that baseball played in U.S.-Japan relations during the Occupation period.)

The Olympics        After a twelve-year hiatus during World War II, the summer Olympics resumed in 1948.  Japan, due to its role in the War, was not invited.  The Prange Collection has two books on the Olympics, both published in 1948 (see below).  In one, the author laments the fact that the 1940 games had been scheduled for Tokyo, games that would not take place.  In 1964, in a vastly different Japan, transformed by war and occupation, Tokyo finally hosted the summer Olympics.  And now, in  2020, Tokyo is preparing for a repeat performance!

To get in the mood for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, here are few examples of Prange magazines related to winter sports.

S2722_4-20-49 S2717_4-28-48GV-0115


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