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Makkoi byoin

In the August 1, 1946 issue of Shincho (新潮) magazine, Aoi Ohinata (大日向葵) published a short story entitled, Makkoi byoin (マッコイ病院, MacCoy Hospital).  It is written as a memoir of a young soldier captured in Saipan.  He describes frankly, and in great detail, the suffering he endured as a prisoner of war.  It is perhaps one of the first accounts published by a Japanese prisoner of war following WWII, even in fictionalized form.  One sentence was deleted by the censors, “At such times we always said wittingly: Although Americans look cultured, they are more stupid than we expect them to be, because they believe in the press.  Nowadays, few Japanese believe in it.”   The reason given — “Criticism of United States.” (See below)

In September 1947, Ohinata published Makkoi byoin in book form.   In that version, the objectionable sentence above was not deleted. (Click the images below)

On November 1, 1947, Mr. Taneki Yamazawa (山沢種樹) wrote a book review of Makkoi byoin  in Kyodo Tsushin Kyodo Tokushin A (共同通信 共同特信 A). The entire book review was suppressed.  The galley proof with censorship markings and the censor’s translation of the review into English can be found in the Censored Newspaper Articles in the Prange Collection.    (See below)


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