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The Prange Digital Children’s Book Collection

BLOG_Children'sBookCollectionThe Prange Collection contains nearly 8,000 children’s book titles — including picture books (ehon), comic books (manga), and story books (yomimono) — that were published in Japan between 1945 and 1949.  Most of the picture books and comic books are available in the UMD Libraries’ Digital Collections.  The story books and other resources for children have been scanned and are being added to Digital Collections systematically.  Please check the site frequently for newly added books!

Due to copyright restrictions, full-text access to the children’s books is limited to the University of Maryland, College Park campus.  When accessing the books offsite, a thumbnail of the front cover and the bibliographic information only are available.   


One comment on “The Prange Digital Children’s Book Collection

  1. […] prange—massive print archive at @UMDLibraries, includes 8k kids’ books: prangecollection.wordpress.com/2013/08/25/pra… (full access to scans on campus […]

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