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The Process of Censorship: Sample documents

The Prange Collection is known as a censored collection — in spite of the fact that less than 2% of the materials have indications of deletions, suppression or other changes.  The entire collection, however, represents the file copies of the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD),  the unit within GHQ SCAP that was responsible for monitoring Japanese print publications.  At a minimum, the materials were stamped with check-in dates, whether censorship action was taken or not.  The Code for the Japanese Press was issued in September 1945 and provided the framework for censorship. Lists of banned topics, known as Key Logs, were issued periodically and included topics such as fraternization between GIs and Japanese women and black market activities.

See Flickr for a sample of CCD standardized forms that were used to process the print publications and to communicate with publishers.

Key Log Categories, June 1946

Criticism of SCAP Criticism of Military Tribunal
Criticism of SCAP Writing the Constitution References to Censorship
Criticism of United States Criticism of Russia
Criticism of Great Britain Criticism of Koreans
Criticism of China Criticism of Other Allies
General Criticism of Allies Criticism of Japanese Treatment in Manchuria
Criticism of Allies’ Pre-War Policies Third World War Comments
Russia vs Western Powers Comments Defense of War Propaganda
Divine Descent Nation Propaganda Militaristic Propaganda
Nationalistic Propaganda Glorification of Feudal Ideals
Greater East Asia Propaganda General Propaganda
Justification or Defense of War Criminals Fraternization
Black Market Activities Criticism of Occupation Forces
Overlaying Starvation Incitement to Violence & Unrest
Untrue Statements Inappropriate Reference to SCAP
Premature Disclosure  

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